What is CNN in Deep Learning? Complete Guide with Examples & Applications

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CNN or Convolutional Neural Network is a type of neural network which will be discussed in this article.

What is CNN in Deep Learning? Complete Guide with Examples & Applications

What is CNN?

CNN stands for Convolutional Neural Network. In Deep Learning, a CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) is a type of ANN (artificial neural network) that is usually for image, text, object recognition, and classification. Deep Learning recognizes objects in an image/text by using a CNN (Convolutional Neural Network). CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) also called as convnets or CNN (Convolutional Neural Network), is a well-known method in Machine vision applications. The class of deep neural networks that are used to analyze visual imagery. This type of architecture is analyzed to recognize objects from image and video data. It is used in applications like video or image or recognition, NLP (neural language processing), etc.

Where CNN is Used?

A (CNN) Convolutional neural network is a (NN) neural network that has more convolutional layers and is used for image processing, image reorganization, classification, segmentation, and also for other auto-correlated raw and fact. The CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) is a subtype of the NN (Neural Networks) that is used for applications in image and voice recognition. Its built-in convolutional layer reduces the high dimension of images without losing its proceed information

 CNN mainly uses the following categories.

  1. Self-driven car
  2. Face reorganization
  3. Image classification
  4. Facial emotion recognition
  5. Auto translation
  6. Object detection
  7. Video analysis

Self-driven car:

It will check all the environmental roads, traffic lights other objects, etc. Self-driving cars are automatically making them develop new systems. They can process streams of structure or unstructured data from different sensors such as cameras, RADAR, GPS LiDAR, or other inertia sensors. This information is then modeled using deep learning CNN (Convolutional neural network), which then makes decisions relevant to the environments the car is in.

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Face recognition

Nowadays, Face recognition is also inside the mobile phone and they also take a great example of one of CNN that when you open your mobile phone, then your mobile phone is in front of you. If opened, the mobile phone recognized your face this is a great example of a CNN (Convolutional neural network). a deep learning algorithm for machines to understand the features of the image/object of foresight and remember the features to guess whether the name of the new image/object is fed to the computer or machine. CNN (Convolutional neural network) is used for image/object classification and recognition because of its good accuracy.

Auto translation

 CNNs used for different classification tasks in NLP(Natural language processing)  CNN (Convolution neural network) is being used within the context of deep learning and machine learning for automated translation between language pairs such as English and Urdu. CNNs used to translate between language pairs such as Urdu and English with a higher degree of accuracy, removing the need for word-for-word translation.

Image classification

It was developed by computer scientist Yann LeCun in 90s, inspired by the human visual perception of recognizing things.  It also classifies the photos whose photo is who is what . There are three such layers convolution and max-pooling to extract features of the images. If there are very good complex features that need to be learned, more layers should be added to the model making it much deeper.

Facial emotion recognition

CNN basically used to recognize the image of all emotion.CNNs used to help distinguish between different facial expressions such as happiness anger and sadness. CNNs can also be checked to perform well with various conditions and angles of faces within images.

Object detection

Object Detection Locate the presence of the objects with a bounding box or detect the classes of the located objects in these boxes. Object Recognition NN (Neural Network) Architecture created until now is divided into two basic  groups
1  Multi-Stage
2 Single-Stage Detectors

There are the following step to solve a general object detection problem with CNN

  • First of all, we take the image as input :
  • Secondly, we divide the image into various regions of the group:
  • And then consider each region as a separate image group.
  • Pass all these images to the CNN (Convolutional neural network) and classify them into various classes.

Video analysis

Video classification works by labeling a video clip. CNN (Convolutional neural network) application will be the best for you. It will tell you what activities are happening in the video, what content is included in the video, what are its comments, and what are its videos.


CNN is the best ANN (artificial neural network), it is used for modeling images but is out of many of its applications. From this, we know where CNN is used and what its applications are. Convolutional Neural Network is a popular deep learning and machine learning technique for current visual object recognition tasks. Like all deep learning and machine learning tasks and techniques, CNN (convolutional neural network) depends on the size and quality of the training data or information. Well-prepared datasets, CNNs are capable of surpassing humans at visual or object recognition tasks. Stay updated with Deep Learning Sciences.

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